Reflecting on the Tweet Meet Host Experience

Excitement, careful study and event promotion are hallmarks of the preparation weeks.  I, along with 20 others had been invited to co-host the Minecraft #MSFTEduChat. I remember the excited anticipation in the hours leading up to the Microsoft TweetMeet and the fast-moving replies and prompts during the event I’ve been a tweeter for a couple…… Continue reading Reflecting on the Tweet Meet Host Experience

Best of 2019

Wakelet is a wonderful curation tool to compile resources, links, videos, tweets and images. Your Wakelet link can be shared across platforms. I’ve used Wakelet to provide a summary of the company’s offerings and another Wakelet to compile all the resources and articles that are helpful when starting Minecraft. In preparation for the Dec 17th…… Continue reading Best of 2019

Building Blocks

~The First Blocks~ Minecraft design uses blocks and has been compared to digital Lego. The simplicity of tangible blocks helps children to understand the complex and literally build their understanding of systems, processes and structures. “By utilizing the simple and concrete systems – with easily identifiable patterns, children come to discern the more abstract concepts…… Continue reading Building Blocks

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Introducing Minecraft

Minecraft: Education Edition in Classrooms Research coupled with best classroom practice has shown that using games in a classroom context facilitates collaboration, problem-solving and stimulates an engaging real-world learning experience. Game-Based Learning is the process of using games to achieve a defined set of learning outcomes. Minecraft: Education Edition, used widely in schools across the…… Continue reading Introducing Minecraft