Like a crystal chandelier in the palm of a gentle hand rests Hope. She rises like the joyous expectation of a new mother, Like a budding seedling in the spring;  with the dream of better tomorrows.…

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What takes us educators, from the dust of disappointment to the startling structures of success?

Disappoint is “to fail to fulfill the expectations, hopes, desires or standards. To let down.”                                                                                           www.dictionary.com

Disappointment can be overcome, it must be overcome.

Building a termite mound is a rite in defeating disappointment.

Termite Mound Trevs photo

“Termite mounds can take four to five years to build, but a really heavy downpour might cause a third of the mound to collapse.”

Hope and hard work may be crushed with a heavy downpour.

Demotivated and disheartened replace the humour and hope which characterized our hard work.

Rebuilding is a daunting prospect.

The investment into the project is left voiceless, empty and formless.




Out of the empty sand and a scurrying of tiny feet, a structure emerges once more. With the force of the colony behind and before; these tiny termites move with superpowers and a prowess befitting their startling feat.

What takes us, from the dust of disappointment to the startling structures of success?


With thanks to Lisa Margonelli, for National Geographic for her informative article on the termites.