Dreams are made in this

Starry nights,

Moonlight gazing,

Solo walks,

Bushveld sounds,

Grassland savanna,

Calm waters and

Gentle breezes.

Dreams are made out of this


Considering others better than yourself;

Giving generously;

Loving without holding back;

Stepping forward;

Stepping up;

Assuming responsibility;

Dying to self and

Giving your all

Dreams become actions through

Hard work;

Determined, purposeful actions and a 

Willingness to forgo comfort and pleasure for the end goal.

Actions become the norm with


Hard work,

Resilience and

Clear goals and actionable items.


(21 September 2017)





Like a crystal chandelier in the palm of a gentle hand rests Hope.

She rises like the joyous expectation of a new mother,

Like a budding seedling in the spring;

 with the dream of better tomorrows.

Hope is fragile,

fraught with yesterday’s disappointments

Suspended like a chandelier on a mere silver thread.

 When Hope is crushed

Glass shards remain

piercing the skin, blood reminders of pain; pain and sorrow.



Hope rises,

on the wings of a dawn


believing for a better tomorrow.

Dec’ 2013

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