Living as an Expat

Expatriate~ there are so many tags attached to this identity.

-Foreigner, education, jobs, opportunity, English, different, risk, contract-

Living and working in a country, of which I’m a resident but a not a citizen, I’d like to share some anecdotes and perhaps, a snippet of advice.

~For those who find themselves dancing the Dance of Expat Living      

dancing shoes
Put on your dancing shoes and celebrate this day!

 and for those who share their space.

I nearly arrived in my new town with a removal truck full of random belongings. The telephone conversation with the removal company (RC) several months prior to the move, ran like this:

Me: Good morning Sir. I am calling to follow up on the quote for the removal inventory emailed to you earlier this week.
RC: Ah, yes, we have received it. I have a few questions. What size truck do you require?
Me: puzzled silence
RC: A 1 tonne? 4 tonne?
Me: Ah, 4 bakkie loads please.
RC: Cheryn Sibaya?
Me: Mm, (Sibaya as in cattle kraal!?) No…. (and I calmly pronounce and spell my full name again…)
RC: What is canoe? Is wrapping required?
Me: Canoe?
RC: Yes here on the inventory under lawn mower, ladder and garden tools.
Me: That’s not my inventory!

Well, several weeks later, rather unexpectedly, after a few more similar, delightfully hilarious episodes my furniture arrived. However, with a few extra items, which I dutifully returned to their rightful owners across the border.

 You see life, especially life across the border, is wildly unpredictable.

A stubborn sense of humour and a determination to find the humour will be more valuable than your favourite TV show. Put your dancing shoes on and celebrate this day!  When you don’t know whether to laugh or cry-which will happen- choose to laugh.

When you really need to cry- cry, wipe your tears, stand up and go forth.

 This time will pass. You signed up for adventureLive your adventure-

Arms open and face to the sky-embrace the experience.

Stand strong and tall dear friend.

7599525696_ab84d9a6fa_z.jpg world traveller
A treasure chest of promising experiences are at your doorstep for only  a moment.

Author: Cheryn

I am wife to an amazing husband and a teacher at heart and in qualification. I write to encourage, inspire and teach. This blog is a reflection on my learning and an observation of my world.

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