Sweet Rewards

dreams do come trueHurdles now, Sweet Reward later

As newly appointed and enthusiastic class teacher, managing the Computer Room and teaching Computer Lessons falls to me. Enthusiasm, big dreams and vision I have, endless patience with ill -functioning hardware I do not.

In my enthusiasm to certify my students with real world ICT skills I found a curriculum which meets our needs for both student and staff training perfectly. Green for Go from SGB, PTA and all the powers that be. However, a big however, the current hardware and software is just not capable of handling all that I’ll require of it to run with the dream.

This means that my dream needs to grow. With my enthusiasm and dream-fuel topped up in the Boss’ office the dream has wings and is ready to fly!

These however; I slowly learn are training wings. A necessary strengthening process before I am ready to take to the air with my students close behind.

Frustrations come knocking at every turn. Unstable internet connection, few service providers, physical distance from suppliers and of course Africa Time begs us to turn our head, fold up our wings and retreat into the safety nest of mediocrity. Determined, not defeated we raise our chins, sound our call and keep going.

Undeterred we press on, continue calling, continue trying to find solutions. Our vision before us, our promise behind us, we will prevail.

When we do the reward will be sweet, our wings and call stronger and we’ll be flying confidently through the next storm.

Image Credit: A Nerd At Large via Compfight cc

Author: Cheryn

I am wife to an amazing husband and a teacher at heart and in qualification. I write to encourage, inspire and teach. This blog is a reflection on my learning and an observation of my world.

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