Celebrating Today

School Morning line-up: Army Drill Sergeant or Celebration of a new Day?

Following early morning line-up, the pupils lead down to their respective classrooms for the first period of the day.As I walked down (feeling a little like the Pied Piper with a large following) I heard a cheerful, rhythmic “song” following me. I couldn’t help but smile at the upbeat melody. Knowing that my boys were close on my heels, I turned and saw that a hop, skip and jump accompanied the song. On enquiring to the reason and origin of the song I was told, “We made it up. It’s our Celebration Song.” Naturally I asked, “What are we celebrating?” Barely a pause before, “Today is Thursday,” then, “I’m thankful I could get up today.” What a precious truth. Today is today, a day to be celebrated simply because it is a new day and we are alive to celebrate it.

Breaking routine occasionally and allowing spontaneity pays dividends as this tale illustrates.


Author: Cheryn

I am wife to an amazing husband. I'm a teacher at heart and in qualification. I write to encourage, inspire and teach. This blog is a reflection on my learning and an observation of my world.

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